Boost Your Productivity and Customer Satisfaction Using Cleaning Contractors App

Boost Your Productivity and Customer Satisfaction Using Cleaning Contractors App

Published on: 11-06-2014 | by Misty in Cleaning Contractors App, Contract Cleaning App, Cleaning App, Mobile Workforce, Smart Forms, Digital Forms

Cleaning contractors can provide businesses with a complete professional cleaning service. Cleanliness is a very important feature of any business establishments. Hiring a good cleaning contractor is vital in keeping the sanitation and safety of a business establishment. The cleaning contractors must exert all necessary effort to guarantee high quality cleaning service for their clients. In order to provide the best cleaning service, the cleaning contractor must have sufficient mobile workforce to perform all the cleaning tasks required by the client. Cleaning Contractors App can offer easy staff management and performance tracking.

Performance Tracking Using Smart Forms

One of the vital factors in providing efficient client satisfaction is the quality of cleaning service that your mobile workforce performs. Cleaning Contractors App is loaded with features that allow contractors and managers to keep track of the performance of their on-site employees and the quality of service that they deliver to their clients. Cleaning contractors need to also make sure that all employees report on time for their job. The time log feature of the Cleaning Contractors App lets the owners keep track of the log-in and log-out time of their mobile workforce.

Cleaning Contractors App makes full use of smart forms in all documentation and performance appraisals both for the clients and the employees. Cleaning service requests can be sent through the Contract Cleaning App and retrieved by the on-site worker. After successfully completing the task, the report is then generated and sent back through the Cleaning Contractors App. The quick communication and turn-around of the tasks allows your employees to accomplish more tasks during their shifts. This increase in the productivity of your mobile workforce through the use of the smart forms in the Cleaning App can generate bigger revenues for your cleaning business.

Lower Operational Expenses

Cleaning Contractors App will not only help your cleaning business generate more revenues by increasing your productivity but also by lowering the operational expenses spent by your company. Instead of hiring more back office staff to do all the monitoring of your mobile workforce time logs, performance, and service requests, the manager or another employee can easily consolidate all these records using Contract Cleaning App. All of the digital forms that are encoded in Cleaning Contractors App can be easily retrieved and consolidated. The cost of having a Contract Cleaning App can be much lower compared to paying more employees to do all the tasks that Cleaning Contractors App can do.

Cleaning contractors who want to generate more revenues without having to sacrifice the quality of cleaning service that they provide to their clients should definitely try using Cleaning Contractors App for their business.

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